Fun MS Windows Fact (not that funny)

Since the 90s DOS  Days I knew about this .

You cannot create a file or folder that is

  1. CON or CON0 – CON9
  2. PRN or PRN0 – PRN9
  3. AUX or AUX0 -AUX9  
  4. NUL  or NUL0 – NUL9
  5. COM or COM0 – COM9
  6. LPT or LPT0 – LPT 9

With this funny error message

[The specified device  name is invalid ]

but 20 years later Microsoft has not given up those reserved words.

The problem , if you are moving files or folders from other non-windows systems to a windows system you can get some copy failures etc

Here is the official ms posting.


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