Windows 2008 – 64 Bit Server fails to start all services post Updates

This is a very strange thing that used to happen in the windows 2003 – server world , but never expect it to happen on the windows 2008 world (Longhorne code or above)

Symptoms :

All ( most automatically set ) windows serivces fails to start after you go through a certain windows update. or a failed update ( ie. power failure during install etc. )
The Problem :

The update process fails to set some Registry settings in a clean way.

Solution :

  1. Set Cryptsvc as DependOnService on HTTP driver.
  2. HKLM\CurrentControlSet\Serivces\HTTP and create following value.
  3. Name: DependOnService Value: reg_multi_sz (this is a multi string)
  4. Click DependOnService Set CryptSvc on the value.
  5. Reboot the server


Thanks to Antitribu (At for posting this one.


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