The closed type does not have a corresponding settable property

I have encountered this error with a BCS application that I built and was working for some time.

The Exception / error is

"The closed type does not have a corresponding  <PropertyName> settable property"

The BCS application was working inside a farm connection to a list in another network and anther farm for sure.

The List column names were changed ( at least one of them  ) and that did break the proxy that was compiled for that BCS model to work  with


How to detect such problem :

Browse to the service wcf interface that should show the fields ( you will need to see the source of the page to see the field name from the atom feed)

match those to your Model mapped name ( that is normally dynamically configured by VS ) 

see the mismatched fields, fix your code and rebuild and redeploy
( and call the list owner let them know of the change and don’t get angry )


Lesson Learned : Cannot depend on uncontrolled lists as solid schemas.

I think the main problem is that the feed sends the Fields display name and not the Internal Name of the list which is unique and static


Microsoft Please have a fix (or guidance)


Best of luck





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